The philosophy

Wisdom in Action – the way of a conscious human being

We are one globe, one people. It’s simple. Seen from a distance, the borders between countries are meaningless. Borders are just mental constructs that refer to an old way of thinking. They have nothing to do with the reality. It’s just one globe. In this house, there’s no nationality. It doesn’t matter if you are Swedish, Chinese or Russian. We are one. One globe. 

Here in the House of Vidyā, there are no politics, no doctrines, no absolutes. Only eternal wisdom. We have so much wisdom here on earth – but there are so few who live in harmony with it. Wisdom does not belong to anyone. It is our common heritage. Wisdom runs through all cultures, all populations and all times. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism – regardless of the name, the core is always wisdom. The early tribes knew that they should take care of the land that supported them. This wisdom has been forgotten for far too long. The druids said, “You and the land are one”. It’s that simple. Let’s change our ways and put this Wisdom into Action again.

The Buddha said, “If you truly love yourself you cannot hurt another” and Ramana Maharshi, “There are no others”. We are one. One tribe that has spread out.

A conscious person knows that it is not wise to harm yourself. It is not wise to harm those around you and it is not wise to harm the earth that supports you.

Always strive to align all your actions. It has to be good for you, it has to be good for those near to you and at the same time it has to be good for the whole, for the globe. All three have to be aligned in all your actions. That is Wisdom in Action.

There are many roads that can lead to awareness. To awakening. To wisdom. Some choose mindfulness, others pray or seek the answers through science. Some choose The Path of Fire and it leads them to enlightenment through asceticism, discipline and hard training. Others choose The Path of Water and it flows through spaciousness, abundance and the total acceptance of everything. There are many different approaches and they all aim towards the same destination.

I call my approach The Path of Steam. By bringing Fire and Water together, you create Steam. It’s neither hard nor passive – it’s both. It’s balanced towards the wisdom that’s needed to free consciousness – the soul. Sometimes it’s push – sometimes it’s pull. Whatever it takes.

I hope that in this house you will wake up:

Om, from falsehood lead me to truth,
From darkness lead me to the light,
From death lead me to immortality,

Hindu Pavamana Mantra

Now it’s time to let all the old burn… and be renewed… ready to step forward… without the veils of illusions – without fear – without dimming…

“I am both the particle and the wave I am light and I am here”

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