House of Vidyā – One globe… One People

My name is Vidyā and welcome to my house. When I use the word house in this context, I am not referring to a physical place – more a safe haven – where you can find shelter. A nourishing realm away from an often cynical, greedy and egocentric world. Here in this house you can regenerate, recharge hope and find inspiration to keep on going – even on a gloomy day.

From powerless to freedom fighter– let’s liberate the future from greed

Earth’s resources are being exploited, entire species are rapidly dying out and humanity is suffering. The world needs you to take action. Reclaim your true power and be responsible for your circle of influence. Shake off the feeling of powerlessness and realise how forceful you are. Just by being you.

One globe… One People – it’s that simple


I enjoy writing endlessly. The slowness of the writing process allows for another kind of presence and immersion. A book stands still in time and allows for a more nuanced exploration of a subject.

I have written several books on various topics such as team dynamics, communication and empowerment. Two of them are available in English. I always seek to provide the reader with a deeper insight into the topic as well as concrete tools to help them apply the new knowledge in their daily life.


I have been teaching for more than 30 years and I love to share my knowledge. Seeing how people around me grow is my greatest joy. The moment someone suddenly ‘gets it’ is so unique and motivating.

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Who am I? I am Vidyā

Vidyā is the name of my soul – my essence. Sebastian is the name of my personality. That’s why this house is called the House of Vidyā. This is the House of knowledge and wisdom. I am not a guru, I am not a priest and I don’t give lectures. I am just a teacher and I’m here to share the wisdom that has been passed on to me. This wisdom of essence has been entrusted to me and I’m just the custodian.

It does not belong to me – it belongs to everyone and it cannot be patented. Just because I am the mediator of this wisdom, it does not make me something special, and there is nothing sublime about it. It’s just my function. My calling. I know that all people have the same value. There is no hierarchy, no throne and no altar. I am a particle and part of the wave. We are one.

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