Guidelines for The Ethical human


  • I am sincere in everything I do
  • I carry my part of our collective responsibility for the Earth, other human beings and all life
  • I know that love is the highest order and acknowledge my non-violent nature
  • I utilize my full inherent potential and my entire circle of influence every day
  • I give authentic feedback and object to any injustice I encounter
  • I act responsibly and respectfully; I do things in a sustainable manner
  • I do not engage in activity, which can be harmful to myself, others or the environment
  • I believe in life and help all the people I encounter to unfold their true potential
  • I know that everyone has a right to equality and a right to be different
  • I know that everyone is an important part of humanity’s eternal existence
  • I know that I am part of one unity – one Earth, one people – and act accordingly in all my decisions

Guidelines for
The Ethical Human

Guidelines for
The Ethical Leader

Guidelines for
The Ethical Employee

Guidelines for
The Ethical Business Owner