Sustainable progress

Let’s turn this grim future into sustainable progress

I know so many people who have almost given up because there is SO much that is SO wrong in the world today. The climate has begun to show its “teeth”, huge groups of refugees are on the move away from wars, there is hunger and poverty, and several of the political world leaders now in office are SO unconscious that they are doing great harm. A world where the Pharmaceutical industry is not looking for a cure; they’re too busy making money, and where animals are considered products.

There are so many challenges that many people have become paralysed. They now suffer from the “Thelma and Louise” syndrome and just continue their unconscious behaviour. It is precisely this misconception that I would like to fight. The strongest prison is your own limiting thoughts about yourself. For it is YOU who has the power to change the world. There is hope. And it lives in you. When you realise that you – and your choices – hold the key to changing the world – there is hope. It’s about taking responsibility for the life you live. Be conscious of the food, products and services you buy – of the job you have and the company you work for – and of the politicians you vote for.

Look at Greta. A young Swedish schoolgirl decided to strike in order to get politicians to act on the climate challenges. This schoolgirl has created a worldwide movement. Use your circle of influence – make all your choices in alignment with your ethical awareness – your essence – and there is hope. Your true power comes through when you make conscious choices in all that you do. From what food you eat to what insurance company you use. Make sure that you ask everyone you do business with if they live up to the 17 UN goals. And if they don’t, find someone who does. Change your bank, your baker or stockbroker to ones who live up to the UN world goals and remember to tell the ones you leave why you’re changing.

My intention with this house is to create a platform, a community, a movement – where like-minded people can come together to co-create and inspire one another. Everybody is welcome here. Everyone who seeks. Everyone who needs a place to rest, rejuvenate or be inspired is welcome here.

For far too long, far too many have been asleep. It’s time to wake up and inspire the people around you. As the Danish philosopher PH said, “The future is inevitable – progress is not”. Let’s turn this grim future in to sustainable progress. Join this peaceful movement – this wave of change – and the world will change forever.

Free yourself and see – Beyond the illusion of gravity

When I use the word gravity in this context, I’m not referring to the physical force here on earth. I mean the immense emotional force that keeps the soul in darkness. All the collective restrictions and norms of society, all the self-loathing and all the limiting beliefs that so many humans tend to accept. This type of gravity has only one purpose. To gain control over you. NO MORE. Realise that they are illusions and that they have no hold over you. In this house, there is complete freedom. In my house, it’s the soul that makes the rules.

In the business world, “gravity” is the endless pursuit of profit. Many organisations have created a mental construct – a bubble – that they live in. A false reality where the sole goal is to make a profit. Disregarding the impact this has on the world. The mantra is “maximising profit, minimising cost”. It’s the shareholders, leaders and employees who believe in this construct. As individuals, these people might know that this is not good, but as part of a company structure, as part of a culture, this mental construct is imposed upon them. From now on, leaders and employees must understand that the way they conduct themselves has to make sense not just for profits, but also for sustainability – that the company growth must also benefit the global growth.

We know now that Einstein was right: Light is both a particle and a wave. It’s the same for us: We are both individuals and humankind as a whole. We are both the particle and the wave. When you change – the world changes. Let’s create a wave that will transform the world. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. It all begins with you. Your identity, your ego, has weighed you down for far too long. Liberate yourself, become the free being you had almost forgotten you can be. Come and co-create.

“The meaning of life is not just to be happy.
It is to be happy that you have found the meaning of your life.”