Everyone is welcome here – but leave your personality and ego at the door

You do not have to believe in something higher to be welcome here. It’s fine if you do, but you don’t have to. You don’t have to practice yoga, mindfulness or meditate. It’s OK if you can’t read auras or never had the experience of having lived before. It’s fine if you consider yourself a grounded person who only believes in science – in what can be measured and observed. The only thing you need is the ability to see how miserably the world is functioning and to have the urge to try and change it – by changing your behaviour. The only thing you need to do to “join” this movement is to be able to say YES to always trying to better the world – or at least not further the damage.

For far too long the lower plateaus – the physical and the mental – have been in control. Now the time has come to liberate ourselves and join a higher plane where ethics and consciousness rule. It’s the Age of Wisdom In Action.

The times we live in demand that we wake up. It is physically stupid, mentally grotesque and spiritually devastating to see how mankind has come so close to its own extinction. We are an endangered species and the grotesque truth is that it is our own doing. Many people are scared that aliens will come and kill us. But we are managing that very well by ourselves! And when we have depleted the earth’s last resources, we will have no choice but to leave. After all, we are the dangerous aliens. It’s time to change our behaviour.

This is the house of essence. Leave your personality outside. In here, in this realm, we are free from ego. There are no labels in this house. There are no mental or social constructs to weigh you down. In my house, there is no young or old. No male or female. No gay, straight, bi or cis. No Christian, Buddhist or Muslim. They’re all labels. All just constructs to keep you fixed. Seen from the perspective of the eternal soul, they are utterly meaningless. Here we are humans. No more – no less. The only thing you have to do in order to free yourself of all social constructs is to realise that you have been manipulated – but NO more.

“Wisdom is the timeless essence of truth.
Knowledge can be without wisdom but there is no wisdom without knowledge”