One Globe – One People – One Government

One Globe – One People.

The dream of a world in balance is only a dream until you begin to manifest it

Seen from space, the boundaries between the countries here on earth seem meaningless. And that’s exactly what they are. Meaningless. For the earth is whole. It’s time to say goodbye to the old and obsolete thoughtform and understand that we are all inhabitants of the same globe. It is an illusion that we live in different countries. An outdated thought structure that once made good sense. At a time when our outlook was very limited and we couldn’t quite fathom that the earth was round – that people lived on the other side and that they didn’t fall off. In step with our increased insight and knowledge, it does not make sense to hold on to the limiting mindset. The earth is a whole with coherent ocean currents and wind systems and just the idea of dividing it up is actually absurd.

Over the past many years, globalization has shown us how integrated we all are. And it is on both good and bad. Global trade and increased global cooperation have helped lift many out of poverty – but have also posed entirely new challenges such as global financial crises and increased climate destruction. Most recently, the covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown that we are connected in a large, cohesive network. We live in a global community. It requires us to take another step up the evolutionary stairs and take responsibility for the whole earth – and not just the little spot where we live. We are – all – global citizens. It is this community we need to understand and manage in our daily actions. We are One Globe – One People. I know that may sound like an impossibility and we do not have the best history when it comes to global cooperation between nations. The UN was created with the best intentions, but all too often it is precisely the countries’ special national interests that cripple the cooperation. The system does not work, precisely because it is a collection of nations that each have their own focus on what is optimal for the individual country – and does not focus on what is best for the earth as a whole. The attempt was well-intentioned but doomed to failure because the premise itself does not make sense.

Not that there hasn’t come good from the UN – because there has. Especially the 17 world goals. However, it must now be obvious to everyone that the UN will most likely never work in its current state. Well tried – but. So, let’s try again; but this time from a higher perspective – that we are One Globe – One People. The only logical conclusion must be that we must be able to act and make decisions at a global level when it comes to global challenges such as pandemics, climate change, social inequality and basic human rights.

This means that we have two options. Either we have to wait until every leader of every nation has risen to a collective consciousness level and therefore can make decisions in regard to UN that’s beneficial for the whole, and not just the one country. It’s not impossible that this way can prevail, but it’s going to be overwhelmingly difficult due to our historical background, and above all our identification with our nationality. The other option is to start over, but this time from a higher perspective of wholeness. That the earth is one coherent unit and that we as humans must live in resonance with the earth. No short termed selfish interests can be allowed to destroy the ecosystem – and all decisions must be sustainable.

We need a global council or government that can make decisions in global affairs. In the long term, we can say goodbye to the nation state – and instead create seven continent councils that translate and influence global decisions – as well as a number of local councils that make local decisions as well as manage and provide input to global decisions. The key is that each level acts in harmony with the others.

Our cultural diversity is our strength in the global community

Don’t get me wrong. Saying goodbye to the nation states is not to eradicate the unique culture and distinctiveness of the different peoples. It is precisely the fact that we have different languages, cultures and traditions that we must protect – because imbedded in them is an important key to development. All peoples are shaped by the nature and culture in which they grew up. That is why we – as one unified people – are many faceted. Because of our diverse backgrounds, we experience the world differently and this allows for new development. In the concourse of similar understandings, nothing new arises – so there is no doubt that it is precisely our diversity that is our strength as a species. But we understand that, despite significant differences, we are a coherent population with the same basic needs and rights. That all people on the planet are equal – thus have the same value. Over time, various peoples have been “trapped” in the frontiers of random nations – often leading to massive oppression, alienation and genocide. In the new nation-free world, all peoples will be equal, and diversity will be appreciated.

The conscious evolution or another violent revolution – the choice is yours

From research, we know that every society that fails to undergo radical change ends up succumbing. It’s reassuring that so many people are starting to realize that the “old” world – where a few people sit on most of all resources and where the cynical exploits the earth – makes no sense at all. The old systems must collapse to make room for the new. Historically, it has often ended in violence and revolution. But we can choose another path. The path of conscious evolution. Not that it will be easy – because it most likely will not – but the possibility exists. And it’s you who has the choice. The first thing you can do is make sure your personal choices are in tune with the world you want to live in. Make demands that the products and services you buy are in balance with the world. Demand that the politicians you vote for will conduct a policy that supports the world you want to be part of. A world of real global human rights, global equality and global cooperation on global affairs. If you do, the dream of One Globe – One people is no longer a dream – for you have made it a reality.

I have worked to enhance consciousness and the idea of – One Globe – One People – throughout all my life. Especially in the book “Be generous and prosper” from 2009 – where I, in depth, lay out the scientific and spiritual background for One Globe – One People. And it is with great joy I see the world awaken.

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