All Goodness Sunday Gathering

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ALL GOODNESS – Sunday gathering


In a time of great upheaval, we need to learn to “take care” of ourselves. It is simply a matter of restitution.


In a time of great upheaval, we need to learn to “take care” of ourselves so that we have the strength to deal with an increasingly unpredictable everyday life. That is why we are now opening up “Skovriddergården” for a completely new way of “getting refueled”. It is simply a matter of recovering – both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will experience an energetic “shower” where you can get rid of everyday stress and worries and restore your inner peace. It’s not about being selfish but about securing one’s own base first. It may sound a little harsh when you hear it – but it actually is not. On the contrary. If you over-consume your resources, you also go down yourself and then you cannot support or help others at all. Just like you’ve probably heard it a lot of times on the plane before takeoff:


Put the oxygen mask on yourself first – before you help others.”




The purpose of this afternoon is to relax in beautiful and sensual surroundings. To get “filled” with new energy and learn about the 10 self-care habits.


* Get a stronger or re-establish contact to your inner base


* Gain insight into the 10 self-care habits that strengthen you, your energy field and your immune system


* Learn a number of simple and effective techniques to “recharge” – even in headwinds


When wisdom, beauty and inspiration go up into a higher unity


We live in a challenging time and that is why I have developed this concept. Here you can get rid of all the negative flicker and find peace to recover. Here you will find new nourishment for your development, spacious togetherness with others and high ceilings. If you are also looking for healing and liberating knowledge, this is a course for you.


If you want to experience a space full of beauty, tranquility and space for contemplation, join us now.


Why Rumi as a focal point.


I have chosen Rumi as the enzyme for our togetherness because his wisdom is as simple as it is powerful. You do not need any prior knowledge of Rumi because I give you the backdrop of knowledge you need to get the most out of the day.


Short intro to Rumi if you do not know him in advance and just want to know a little more. Rumi or Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī was born in 1207 so one can rightly say that his words have proved their strength and anchorage in the universal. In addition to his timeless poetry, he also founded a Sufi order called Mevlevi and was deeply preoccupied with the existential issues of life. His largest work Mesnevi contains more than 25,000 poems so there is plenty to tackle. He has inspired people all over the world – regardless of their faith or beliefs and he will surely do so in the future as well – for his wisdom is as timeless as it is beautiful and powerful.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I’m wise, so I changed myself.”




Program for the day is:


Kl. 13.30 Arrival – to the aroma of fresh organic coffee, freshly baked chia bread and fruit.


Kl. 14.00 Welcome and introductory presentation to today’s topic on the 10 self-care habits


Kl. 14.30 Meditation on today’s Rumi quote


Kl. 15.00 A walk in the woods (if it does not rain completely wild) – in silence, so that the immersion can continue.


Kl. 15.30 Joint gathering and sharing of reflections as well as delicious raw cake, coffee, tea and fruit


Kl. 15.50 Open process about the 10 self-care habits and about how the individual can benefit from them in everyday life.


Kl. 16.50 Summary of learning of the day’s topic


Kl. 17.30 Common Thanks for today


Who am I that teaches


I have been teaching for more than 30 years and place great emphasis on creating the optimal space for learning. In my work in the business world – where I often focus on concrete tools within communication, positive psychology, leadership development and ethics – I experience that the physical environment at the conference centers or with the customers is not always completely optimal. That is why I have opened our own course center in a beautiful old forester’s farm – and yes, it is located in the woods close to the beach at Faxe Ladeplads. In addition to my expertise in evolutionary psychology, I also have a deeply rooted knowledge of the spiritual dimension and have, among other things, written the book “Be generous and prosper” in collaboration with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I have always tried to bridge the gap between business and spiritual wisdom and was one of the first to teach meditation in companies. In addition, I have a deeply rooted own practice in yoga, meditation and Tai Chi. Read more about me and my thinking here: and or


Practical informations


The price is DKK 1,100 including VAT per. person. In addition to delicious organic food, you also get a .pdf with the most important elements from the day so you can continue working at home.


Address: The seminar is held at our course center:






44640 Faxe


Transport: By car from Copenhagen approx. 60 min. By public transport, there are S-trains to Køge and a local line further towards Faxe Ladeplads – where you have to get off at Karise Station – and we will pick you up there. Tell me if you need transportation. We are happy to try to coordinate carpooling with the other participants or pick you up at Karise Station. If there is anything you are in doubt about, write to me at



Covid19: We take good care of you and comply with all corona precautions.

Tickets:  Tickets for upcoming gatherings held in English will be posted here. Stay Tuned.